What is Hypnotherapy?

Look at the fruits and then choose your favourite.

Think about the fruit you chose. Just concentrate on the fruit you chose and think about it for a moment.

It is perfectly ripe you can almost smell it. Think about that lovely fruit, now you can almost taste it.

You are wide awake you ’re not hypnotised yet you can almost touch and taste the fruit.

Imagine what you can do with clinical hypnotherapy.

The state your mind enters when day dreaming or imaging something is very similar to the altered state of hypnosis.

If you were able to imagine smelling or tasting your favourite fruit or even if you weren’t hypnosis is nothing to be frightened of. It is a natural state and something you control. If watching those fruits made you want to eat them your powerful mind is ready to help you improve your life.

During clinical hypnosis you are awake the whole time, even if you close your eyes, you have complete control at all times. Kay works with you to make changes you want to make. If you don’t want help making those changes this therapy is not for you.


Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, a state of mind we unintentionally and automatically go into every day, for example, as experienced above, day dreaming, immersed in a good book or falling asleep each night. The hypnotic, or trance, state is therefore a natural and normal state of being. “Hypnosis is as old as the Human Race” (Battino and South 2014).

Clinical hypnotherapy has a therapeutic purpose and benefit. With an understanding of your goals, therapeutic work is done while you are in the hypnotic state, with the focus on beneficial positive change for you.

By examining the areas of your life you wish to alter, the goals you want to achieve, the changes you desire, we work together, and using hypnosis, focus towards positive change.

When you are in the hypnotic, or trance state your alert and conscious mind is bypassed. This enables suggestions to be received by your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind influences emotions, beliefs, habits and behaviours. There is enormous unrecognised potential within the subconscious and by working on it you can reach the goals you desire.

he Hypnotic Experience

The hypnotic experience is different for everyone. Most people report an enhanced feeling of WELL-BEING after a therapeutic hypnotherapy sesion.

Hypnosis never involves drugs and if are under the influence of non prescribed substances it may not be possible to work with you. If you take prescribed anti depressants just let Kay know in advance.

While in the hypnotic state, the hypnotherapy may involve investigating the past, present or future to understand more about you and your current issue. Appropriate suggestions relating to the therapeutic goals, are made and accepted by your subconscious mind. While in the trance state you reach either a light, medium or deep state. The experience is different for everybody but many people have an enhanced sense of control, an awareness of the therapy combined with focus and relaxation.

The World Health Organization has an international clinical trial registry and there are currently over 100 clinical trials worldwide involving hypnotherapy in formal medicine.

Clinical hypnotherapy offered by a trained and registered qualified hypnotherapist is completely safe.

Clinical Hypnotherapy differs from stage hypnosis where the goal is entertainment of the audience. You have control at all times in clinical hypnotherapy. Just call or email Kay to discuss how clinical hypnotherapy can help you.

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