Now you’ve decided to invest in yourself to make that exciting change

Phone or email:

07836 727612

Currently looking for sessional rooms, skype sessions available during relocation

Flexible Sessions

To arrange an early morning session from 7am Mon-Fri
Early evening (up to 7:30pm) start
Saturday morning 08:30 onwards

07836 727612


If you prefer a Skype appointment just email Kay for options: Contact Early morning early evening and a Saturday morning can be arranged.

For skype sessions you need to be in a quiet room with a comfortable chair (recliner) or sofa that supports your head and neck and skype in call video that you can place where I can see you plus a headset to keep your session private.

Skype sessions may not be recorded due to copy right infringement, if you want a recording of your session please ask Kay about options available.

Intensive Session

If you have a fear of flying and need to fly at short notice or it’s crept up on you book a 3 hour Intensive Session a few days before you go. You can even book the day before if I have an available session.


All sessions will need an initial 90 minute assessment. £85 (We identify your problem and the change you want to make and find the right plan for you; includes hypnotherapy session)

Each Clinical Hypnotherapy session is £65 per session each session takes 60 – 75 minutes. (Most people only need 3 of these sessions but everyone is different and complex conditions may take longer: Kay's commitment to you is to get you to where you want to be as effectively and economically as possible).

Smoking cessation and e vape cessation are a single 2-2.5 hour session. £140

Intensive 3 hour sessions are £250

Weight loss is 5 sessions £385 if booked session by session £350 if booked as 5 sessions in advance this can be arranged after initial assessment).

Please Note you need to be registered with a GP as very occasionally I need to let your GP know you are having Hypnotherapy. Please be reassured I will always ask you before I do this.

Meeting Facilitation - thinking differently and NLP tecnhniques:

Whole day or half day available phone 01902 810130 for availability and no obligation cost

Coaching £80 per session (60-75 mins)


Payment can be made by cash / card in person at any appointment in person.

If you prefer a  BACs transfer can be arranged prior to appointment phone Kay for details.

Cancellation Policy

There is no cost to cancel an appointment up to 72 hours before.

Up to 24 hours before half the cost is payable.

For cancellations less than 24 hours before the appointment and for missed appointments then the full cost is due.