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There are challenges to your health and well-being. Clinical Hypnotherapy can help to restore your feeling of well-being and help you tackle those negative feelings and fears that hold you back.

Some conditions and illnesses benefit from the blend of formal healthcare and complimentary therapy.

Amaze yourself with the power of your mind through hypnotherapy and the benefits that you can gain.

Invest in yourself and call me now for an appointment to a better future.


Imagine feeling the difference for yourself and visualise yourself make the changes you want to make.

  • Seek a complimentary solution to medical conditions during a relaxed and confidential hypnotherapy session. To do this contact Kay here.
  • Hypnotherapy in West Midlands will offer you a skype session only at the moment.

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Kay is a certified practitioner trained in EMDR to support those who have suffered trauma. This successful technique can help you if you have suffered any form of trauma or if you suffer from anxiety. It can be trauma from some time ago or more recently EMDR is very helpful for all forms of traumatic experiences.

Kay has a special interest in vestibular disorder including tinnitus and labynrithisis.

February brings its own challenge after the new year. IF you are feeling held back and less than satisfied with how things are going for you give me a call  to arrange a confidence boosting session. Or some resource coaching.
If you made a resolution last month to give up smoking, cut down drinking or lose weight and need help to stay motivated and reach your goal give me a call on 07836 727612 today.

Call Kay for a confidential chat on   07836 727612  about how hypnotherapy and relaxation can help you.